A new spin on massage therapy for the 21st century.

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Let us show you how Cyclomagnetic Therapy can help you:

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Tel: 405.412.4927
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Using CycloMagnetic Therapy in your practice will be one of the simplest decisions you can make.

  • The therapy works on everyone, "myofascial release (MFR) trigger point  tool"

  • The device is self contained

  • You can have one unit in each treatment room

  • It uses wireless charging (In the design phase)

  • It has lithium-ion batteries for a longer operation between charging

  • Simple to use with variable speed control

  • It’s magnetic therapy in its simplest form (short learning curve needed to use it)

  • See results in minutes, not in days

  • Has a magnetic trigger point tool on the hand grip that oscillates (saves therapist’s hands and wrists from damage)

  • Gives a deep tissue massage with the results being felt right after treatment

  • Relieves stress, back pain and joint pain

  • Relieves migraine and other types of headaches

  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

  • No need to disrobe for treatment (the treatment works through any type of clothing including winter coats)

Cyclo Magnet