CycloMagnetic Therapy


A new type of therapy with a new type of massaging tool, and a name coined within its development.


What if Questions ??

  • What if you were told - magnetic therapy really works

  • What if you were told - magnetic therapy can work in seconds

  • What if you were told - you can use magnetic therapy to relieve stress

  • What if you were told - you can use magnetic therapy on trigger points

  • What if you were told - you can use magnetic therapy to relieve headaches

  • What if you were told - you can use magnetic therapy to relieve almost any pain

  • What if you were told - anyone can do magnetic therapy with excellent results

  • What if you were told - there is a massaging tool that can do deep tissue massages with out any pain to the patient and the results can be felt immediately at the end of the treatment

You would call that person a Quack and say “show me”!

Cyclo Magnet Patent

US Patent 8,936,542 B1

Full Disclosure from the Web


CycloMagnetic Therapy was developed over a long period of time with the greatest results listed above. 


Most people believe magnetic therapy is a placebo effect and the mind can play tricks on you;  or it may be the brace that holds the magnets in place that helps reduce the pain and swelling instead of the magnets in the wrapping.


The truth is: Magnetic therapy doesn't always work unless you know what's really going on.

There are several theories on how magnetic therapy affects the body.

​One theory suggests that the iron in the red blood cells of the blood is drawn to the magnetic field, thereby supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the treated area of the body.

​Another theory suggests that magnets somehow stimulate the brain and affects the pineal gland.

Still another theory focuses on the fact that our bodies are electrical systems and each of the cells of the body depends on electrical currents to function effectively, and that death occurs when the body ceases to have any electrical activity. 


The theory is that certain magnetic fields can induce or amplify the beneficial electrical currents that help the body’s systems, organs, and cells function properly.


​A further theory relates to the use of magnetic therapy for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It is theorized that magnets are able to break up stagnation by rearranging energy (Qi) into an organized manner so that it can flow freely. This is similar to the way shards of steel are organized and all face one direction after a magnet is passed over them.


​Still a further theory is that magnetic therapy causes the blood to agitate, further causing heat to be generated which allows the blood to flow better. This is an effect similar to the use of a heating pad on the body for therapy.

There are many applications claimed for magnetic therapy, from the reduction of scar tissue to the treatment of internal organs. However, the predominant use of magnetic devices is in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and myofacial pain.

While the mechanism by which magnetic therapy produces pain relief is subject to much conjecture, there is a consensus that heightened blood flow to the area under the footprint of the magnet is one of the primary results of magnetic treatment. These results have been demonstrated by both thermographic and nuclear medicine studies.

There has also been evidence of pain blocking phenomena to certain nerve fibers related to the application of magnetic fields. Researchers have been able to demonstrate changes in the electrical potential of nerve cells which raise the threshold for transmitting pain impulses as a result of magnetic fields.

And this, the last reason, is why our new CycloMagnetic Therapy WORKS!

​Some scientists subscribe to the Hall Effect which promotes the idea that ions in the blood are manipulated by magnetic fields, thus producing a charged potential in the magnetized area and increasing blood circulation. The Hall Effect is the theoretical basis for the CycloMagnetic Therapy massaging tool.

Simply stated, we postulate that the Hall Effect subscribes to the idea that when therapeutic magnets are used correctly, an ionic charge is established in the blood, the blood cells, blood particles, and tissue mass. The rotating magnets of the CycloMagnet are placed so that the positive field of the device is facing the body, thereby causing the blood, flesh, muscles and other body tissue to take on an opposite negative ionic charge.

Conclusion:  Magnetic Therapy only works if the application setup is correctly utilizing the Hall Effect.

Once you understand how magnetic therapy works, you can understand how the CycloMagnet works so well. What normally takes most magnetic therapies days to see the results, you can now see it in minutes with the CycloMagnet!  Just remember not all magnetic devices are created equal, nor do they work the same.

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