CycloMagnetic Therapy

CycloMagnetic Therapy is one of more than 100 different types of therapies used in the world today in CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). It’s new and was developed over a long period of time from a need to do what the normal practitioner could not do.  Furthermore, it was design to save the therapist’s hands from long damaging massage therapy sessions.

It works very well on hot spots without the long pressure needed to release the muscle fibers. With the trigger point tool on the tail-end of the hand grip, you are able to rotate it to the upright position and apply extreme pressure to the body’s trigger point with little effort.

It’s not just a high frequency vibrator, but a tool that anyone can use to release hot spots.  It has a variable speed control, so you can choose the RPM needed to do the therapy:  the slower the speed, the less it will work in the area.  If you need to get to a deep spot, you can ramp it up to a high speed and get the effect deeper into the muscle or joint.

Use the CycloMagnet to magnetically charge the area in a circular or lawnmower-type track.  Most areas need about a 20-second coverage so that the area is saturated with the magnetic charge.  Saturation happens when more time in the area will be wasted and the gain of effect will only be in small percentages, gaining only 1-2% doing the same amount of time already spent. Ideal application would be the speed of finger-walking on the body, which should be long enough to charge the area.  The preferred technique is to make circles on the treatment spot or lines back and forth in the area , while going over the area several times for 20 seconds to get the area saturated.


Areas of the body that can be treated begin with the head and end at the toes.

A Short Lesson

Here is why the CycloMagnet works so well with pain and swelling.  “Pain is mostly caused by inflammation.  Remove the inflammation and you remove the pain” (note: Nerve pain is hard to treat using the CycloMagnet).  

The CycloMagnet works by using the Hall Effect and with Colloid Science where water can move mountains. By applying the correct magnetic polarity to the particles in the blood stream, you can change the ionic charge of the particles at a molecular state and allow them to move around more freely.  So, what’s really going on is that the magnetic charge allows the pressure of swelling in the affected area to drop and the pain to go away.

An ionic charge to the area will also move calcium around.  Calcium, under a microscope, bears a resemblance to rice with spikes.  When you charge the area with a negative ionic charge, you remove the spikes and allow calcium to move. In some areas of treatment, pain will be gone forever.

Lesson two

Note: Magnet therapy does not cure any diseases it only allows the body to heal faster.


The Earth’s magnetic field is approximately .5 gauss and magnetic fields taper off quickly.   Magnetic therapy will only work at or above this average of .5 gauss.  With this in mind the CycloMagnet will only penetrate to about 4 inches before it stops working. So in areas that treatment exceeds 4 inches, a longer duration is needed so the blood with the charged ions can spread into the area needing treatment.


Starting at the Head

Use the CycloMagnet on the areas of the head where a headache may be.  Remember, headaches can be referred pain coming from a different location.  If this is the case, use it on the nape of the neck, directing it into the base of the brain stem where the hypothalamus is located and then around the sides of the neck.  This will release endorphins and release particles stopping the blood flow in the neck area. It can also be used in the sinus areas of the forehead to release congestion and help clean up the sinus area.  Sinus headaches can be relieved, but it may only reduce some of the pain while helping the body heal by allowing the sinus cavity to drain.


Use the CycloMagnet on the shoulder joint area.  At a medium speed, apply the CycloMagnet to the front and to the back of the shoulder joint moving from the front to the back in a sweeping movement for a period of time, and then move it across the same area at 90 degrees from the first direction.  The first direction would be going over the top and the second direction would be using it around the shoulder horizontally to the floor.  In most cases, you can hold it in one spot for longer durations aiming it directly at the joint to treat deep joint problems.  On the shoulders and below the neck, use the CycloMagnet across the back making a sweeping motion from side to side, covering the whole area in sweeping tracks like mowing the lawn and overlapping the edges.  This will saturate the area and relive the stress in the neck and shoulder areas.



Use the CycloMagnet across the back in a sweeping motion over the affected muscles, both horizontally and vertically.  The vertical direction seems to work better on the middle of the back, while circular motions around the lower back and on both sides of the back bone is more beneficial in that area.  A frozen direct-point operation in the area will be beneficial for deeper treatments and for treating any trigger points.  Also, increasing the speed on deep tissue spots or using the tail-end trigger-point tool may provides better results.


Note: Severe back pain in deep areas may need several treatments. CycloMagnetic Therapy only helps the body heal by increasing blood flow.


In between joints, such as the forearm or upper arm area, use a sweeping motion rather than a circular motion.  A frozen spot position will work in small areas such as the wrist and elbow.  Moving it slowly over either side of the hand works well in that area.

Lesson three

Sometimes you will have to use an indirect route to get the treatment accomplished.  It is possible to treat the affected area by charging the area near or around the affected area.  This is due to blood movement; let the blood do the work for you. 

How it works: By treating the area around an affected area, the ions in the treated blood will migrate to the area needing the treatment.  (Colloidal Science - Zeta Potential) When the blood moves throughout the body, it will carry a negative charge and will pass the negative charge to the artery walls and to every particle it touches.   The blood and the particles in the blood will align themselves, increasing blood flow, thereby reducing the pain caused by the inflammation. During treatment, the blood circulation in the area being treated will always increase.

Hips and Legs

Knowing that the hip joints are deep, the treatment in this area may take a little longer.  Address the joint area with a long frozen pin-point treatment from the front side or from the back side.  If the patient is lying on their stomach, concentrate on the lower back and the highest point of the upper leg and let the ion charge migrate to the joint. A circular motion around the point may also help.

Note:  With all therapy treatments you will start to understand what it will take to achieve the rehabilitation.  Understanding the principals needed for this new therapy will become easier and treatments will continue to get easier.

When working on the knee, especially when the knee is too sore to touch, an indirect approach may be necessary.  By treating the upper and lower parts of the leg, the knee will also be treated, but it may take a little longer for the results to be felt.


Note: Nerve pain caused by diabetic nerve damage will be hard to treat using the CycloMagnet.

You can treat the foot area directly on the foot or even through the bottom of the shoe.  Treating the Achilles tendon area sometimes works best for treating some foot pain, as stress in this tendon tends to be the culprit of some pain in the foot area.  By treating this area, you will allow more blood to flow enabling healing to occur.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions.

Kerry Bates

Inventor of CycloMagnetic Therapy

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